The Real Santa Claus

Alex & Leah Del Mundo
Published on December 12, 2020

The Real Santa Claus

Have you guys seen Operation Christmas Drop on NetFlix? If you haven’t, check out. It’s not Emmy-award worthy but the story behind it is Nobel-prize worthy.

I’m proud that it features our beautiful island of Guam but I’m more proud about what our Department Of Defense and the people of Guam have done to bring cheer for the last 68 years.

According to Wikipedia, what started as a training exercise in 1952 has now been the longest-running mission in full operation. It is also the longest humanitarian airlift in history. And the planes lift off from Guam!


WOW to the 54th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron crew whose hearts were inspired to do the first drop out of impulse seeing the islanders waving at them!

WOW to all the volunteers of Andersen Air Force Base who gather all the donations, organize, put them in boxes and write messages that bring smiles to the recipients!

WOW to other bases and other countries who happily participate in the mission!

WOW to the people and businesses of this tiny island who donate essentials and toys to bring cheer to the residents of their remote neighbors!

WOW that COVID-19 did not stop us from giving and them, from receiving.

I invite you to watch THIS VIDEO with your sound on. Hear the joy this mission brings to people on this side of the world. Doesn’t it warm your heart?

This just happened this past December 10, 2020.

Those planes are sleighs. Those airmen and volunteers are elves. And everyone who donated IS SANTA!


May God bless us all!

From Inside Santa’s Sleigh 🙂