Our Testimonial Page Is Now Up! Share Your Experience.

Alex & Leah Del Mundo
Published on April 14, 2016

Our Testimonial Page Is Now Up! Share Your Experience.

We are so happy  to announce that our Testimonial Page on www.livingonguam.com is up and running.  Our past clients have been satisfied with our service and are more than happy to spread the word to their families, friends and colleagues.  They’ve been sharing on social media, sharing our facebook page, and recommending us on different sites and facebook groups.   They would like others to have the same great experience they had with our service.

Now, we are proud to let our community know that we have a central location to post all of our client testimonials and let others know how we can help them in their home search on Guam.

It’s all about social proof these days.  We can tell you all about what and how we can do for you BUT, it’s totally different when you hear it from another person.  We can tell you about how many years of experience we’ve had in helping people relocating to Guam find homes.  We can tell you about how many people we’ve helped.  We can tell you about the different challenges they’ve had (no names of course) and how we’ve helped them to overcome.  But unless you hear it from that other person, it doesn’t seem to have as much “oomph”.  When someone else commends our work, people take notice and listen.

The thing is, a lot of our potential clients are NOT on Guam.  Many of them just found out they’ll be moving or will be stationed to Guam.  They don’t know the island and what the island has to offer. So where do they go? They go to the internet and the usual suspects: google and facebook.  A lot of times, they find our website and facebook page.  They scroll, search, click and see what we can do for them and how we can help them. They also find us on other platforms like twitter, instagram, linked-in, periscope, pinterest, youtube and even snapchat.  Alex and I make sure that all these other platforms point back to our website. Our website is our home base.  And as such, it’s good to have our testimonials at home.

Alex and I and our team at livingonguam.com are here to assist.  Whether you are a long time resident, a returning resident, an investor, a pilot, doctor, nurse, engineer, expatriate that will be working here or a military member, spouse, family that we will be stationed to Guam, we are here to help you find your home on this beautiful island.

We hope that our client testimonials will communicate the passion and the drive we have to help YOU fall in love with our island.  And we start by finding YOU, your home…your own little piece of paradise on Guam.

And without further ado, we proudly present our first (definitely, not our last) testimonial.  Thank you Melanie and Ben Martinez!



Having Leah As A Realtor Made All the Difference


“Moving to Guam can seem scary and overwhelming, but is made much easier when you have someone like Leah helping you find a home. I didn’t know the first thing about finding a place to live on Guam or how the whole process worked. Leah basically held my hand and walked me through the process. She was very proactive with sending us listings as they came available in our price range. We were really lucky and fell in love with the very first place she showed us. Leah even came with us to the power company and helped us get our utilities set up. She is also very quick to reply to e-mails or phone calls with any concerns or questions you may have. Overall we were very satisfied with our experience with her and would highly recommend her to anyone who is PCSing to Guam. Moving is never easy, but having a good realtor can make all the difference!


Mel & Ben Martinez”