Living In Yigo and Dededo

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Published on May 30, 2016

Living In Yigo and Dededo


BUENAS & HAFA ADAI. My name is Leah del Mundo from Would you like to know what it’s like to live on the Northern side of Guam? Come join me as I tell you more about it…

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Q. Tell us a liitle bit about the North Region of Guam?

A: Dededo and Yigo are the two villages of the North. This is also where Andersen Air Force Base and Naval Communications Station (NCTAMS) are located.

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Q: Why would you want to live in the North Region of Guam?

A: Yigo and Dededo have a lot to offer. Dededo is the most populous village on Guam, where one can find a little bit of everything from shopping at the Micronesia Mall and the weekend early Flea Markets to spectacular views off Two Lover’s Point.

If you work in Andersen Air Force Base or NCTAMS and just want a 10 to 15 minute drive to and from work, then the North is where you’d like to live in. If you work in the Central Region of Guam, then it’s about a 20-minute drive from the North.

Q: What Villages are in the North and what are the housing options available?

A: The two villages are Yigo and Dededo. Yigo is the largest and northernmost village of Guam while Dededo is the village with the most people on Guam.

There are gated-community-housing options in the North like Paradise Estates, Paradise Meadows, Perez Acres, and Summer Palace.

People value the security of these communities especially for military members who have to leave their families behind when they are deployed, underway or on official business elsewhere.

Housing in the north is generally more single-family homes and townhouses so a lot of families like living here.

Single individuals like living here too, if they want a little bit of peace and quiet from being away from the action scene of Tumon and Tamuning.

Q: Care To Mention Any Other Interesting Features of the North?

A: The Saturday and Sunday Dededo Flea Market is one unique feature in the North. If you wake up bright and early at 5 a.m., you will catch the swap meet where local residents and military members moving off Guam, sell different wares and goods. You can really find great deals there.

Micronesia Mall is also in the North and it is the Micronesian region’s biggest shopping mall. There, you can dine, catch a movie, shop and just relax.

Q: How Can help people find a home if they want to live in the Northern Area?

A: The North is a popular choice for people looking for single-family homes or townhouses to buy or rent. If you are with the Air Force or NCTAMS, living in North is great because you are only 15 minutes away from work.

Guam local residents like living here because these are very family oriented villages. You will see a lot of families and relatives living close to each other.

We, at, can help you find your perfect rental or purchase home by working with your desires, needs and budget.

Communication is key and we communicate with our clients long before the purchase process starts and long before they even set foot on Guam (THAT IS, if they’re relocating or being stationed here by the military) so we can give them an idea of what is available and manage their expectations.

We work closely with newcomers, investors, and long time residents during the entire rental or purchase process.

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