Is your Guam home feeling a bit cramped?

Alex & Leah Del Mundo
Published on May 4, 2021

Is your Guam home feeling a bit cramped?

When your home is full of friends and family visiting, any home can feel a little smaller than usual.

But, if your home is small to begin with, that cramped feeling persists even when company leaves. If you aren’t planning on buying a larger home in the near future, there is a way to get more room in the one you have.

Think about all that “unused” space and consider finishing it to get maximum value.

If you are planning on selling, although you won’t recoup 100% of the money spent, the ROI is better than many other remodeling projects.

Cost vs. Value

The folks that compile Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report assign a 20 % ROI to a garage conversion project.

This is based on several specifics, including:

  • replacing the garage door
  • upgrading the roof
  • internal wall work
  • external walls

Plus, a few other common-sense items (wiring to code is one).

The truth is, you can transform that space into an additional bedroom with bathroom which will add value to the home as well.

If you are going to be selling in the near future, plan on a roughly 20% return of your money invested in the garage conversion project. Consider that as the price of materials continue to increase, however, the ROI will decrease. 

See more on this garage conversion article.

 Planning Is Everything

When you move the kids from one bedroom to another, you can usually make the switch with very little planning. You can even rearrange the furniture or add new windows to the living spaces with little hassle.

But, when it comes to converting a garage, you need to think it through thoroughly before you begin.

Consider what you can do on your own before hiring pros

Many of the jobs included in finishing a basement are best left to experts. Electrical wiring comes to mind. Oh, and plumbing as well.

But others may be within your talent set. Some of these include:

  • Flooring
  • Installing cooling
  • Painting
  • Installing drywall

If you decide to take on any of these projects as DIY, ensure you have the proper permits before starting.

Home Systems – Although your garage may be a storage dumping ground, there are usually some seriously important functions that the area already performs.

Many of the pipes and drainage systems, along with the electrical components of your home, line the walls and ceilings of your garage. You will need to ensure you maintain access while still having a finished appeal when revamping this area.

You may want to bring the finished living area in to accommodate access without jeopardizing the look of this space.

Living Spaces –Most garages don’t have windows. That works great for game room, gym, cinema rooms, but it does make it difficult for other living areas.

Most architects suggest centering living areas around the small pockets of existing light and working from those points outward.

Windows – When you finish your garage, you MAY find that your insurance company requires an additional exit if this space is intented to be a bedroom. Typically, this can be solved with large egress windows that can serve as an emergency exit, as well as an additional source of light to your new, usable space.

However, if selling is your best option so you can move into a bigger place to ” fit” your needs, then consider how can help you sell your home and find you a replacement home at the same time.