Fedora Lifestyle’s Adrian Gonzales Interview

Living On Guam Realty TEAM
Published on October 15, 2021

Fedora Lifestyle’s Adrian Gonzales Interview

PCSd on or PCSing to Guam?

Is BUYING a home on the island a smart move?

Watch this interview with Adrian Gonzales of The Fedora Lifestyle.

He shares his experience, knowledge and tips about when Buying is the better option when you PCS to Guam.

Questions answered:

○ What is the cost of Moving to Guam?

○ Why would you recommend Buying vs Renting for service members stationed on Guam?

○ When would you recommend renting over buying

○ What is the closing cost on Guam vs US Mainland

○ Why are closing costs on Guam higher?

○ What are Buyers to do in a Seller’s market?

○ What is the timeline of closing a home on Guam & how can Buyers manage this?

○ Why does it take longer to close on Guam

○ What if you are bringing pets?

○ Other than financial gain, why buy?

○ How to shop for a lender? What questions should Buyers ask?

○ Why is Guam a unique market compared to mainland US.

○ Should you Rent or Sell after a 2-year tour, a 3-year tour, a 5-year tour?

○ Explain the different scenarios & how much they will pocket $2,205, $2,450, and $4,400 for $450K home at 2.75% for 30 years. Property Tax $1000/Year and Ins $1400/Year. Monthly:$2,037

○ Will I save $$$$ if I work directly with a home owner? Why would you recommend I get representation?

○ What are your thoughts about Homeowner’s Title Insurance?

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