72SoldGuam Testimonials

Alex & Leah Del Mundo
Published on January 23, 2021

72SoldGuam Testimonials

72SOLD works on Guam!

Do you have a home on Guam that you want to sell?

Do you want CONVENIENCE, SPEED and CERTAINTY as a Guam home seller?

Best of all, do you want Buyers fighting over your home resulting in you getting a HIGHER PRICE?

Or do you want the traditional way of selling real estate

*where you have to clean each time a single Buyer schedules to traipse through your home?
*where you wait weeks and even months to sell your home?
*where you don’t know if you should wait for a higher offer and don’t know when that would be coming in?
*where the perceived value of your home decreases because Buyers know that others have rejected it?

If you want the former, then go to www.72SoldGuam.com to GET YOUR PRICE and know more how this copyrighted selling process will get you more money at the closing table.