3 Best Ways To Respond When A Seller Rejects Your Offer

Alex & Leah Del Mundo
Published on April 14, 2016

3 Best Ways To Respond When A Seller Rejects Your Offer

Finding the perfect home here on Guam can be a trying process to say the least. You’ll encounter a number of houses and people before you finally come across that perfect match. Also, you may find yourself in a situation where you want the home more than the seller wants you to have the home. As heart breaking as this may be, there’s always more fish in the sea, or in this case…houses on the Guam market.

So what can we do if we come across a situation where your offer was rejected? Well, if you’re set on this home then it’s time to do a little strategizing with your LivingOnGuam agents. Obviously theres no obligation for the seller to accept your offer if they don’t want to. They can reject your offer for literally any reason. Every seller on Guam, or elsewhere, who you come across, will have different motivations for selling.  This is important to remember. Of course, no one can guarantee that the seller can be convinced to sell at the price point you’re willing to offer, so make sure you’re not hung up on a property that just wasn’t meant to be.  Don’t get attached.

Let’s dive right into the 3 best ways you can respond to a seller who has rejected your offer.

1. Don’t over analyze

Your first instinct might be to over analyze why the seller rejected your offer. Don’t spend your valuable time looking up the sales history and tax records and comparing everything the seller’s agent told you with everything you think you know. Before you know it you’ll find yourself in a deep hole more confused then you were at the start.  It’s not worth it.

If you’re offer was rejected, it’s best to speak with your LivignOnGuam agent and discuss further options. Be open to the idea that this house will remain out of your reach simply fro reasons you can’t overcome. We are certainly not advocating that you just drop all interest in the house. However, if your first offer was your best possible offer and it was a no go, consider moving on and looking for another house on the island. If it wasn’t your best possible offer see option number 2 just below.

2. Go all in

If you made an offer and it wasn’t enticing enough to the seller, then consider upping your offer. A good realtor will advise you to make an offer with some room to increase, if need be. So if presumably you made an offer with a little room to increase, then logically the next step would be to make your next best offer and hope this time you seal the deal.

Make it clear this is your best and highest offer.  It would also be good to put this in writing. If they still aren’t interested or they don’t respond to you, then it’s time to move on. Consult first with your LivingOnGuam agent before you make your final offer and mentally prepare yourself to move on if it doesn’t go through.

3. Put the home behind you

Purchasing a home is an emotional experience, you might find yourself emotionally attached before you’ve even closed on the house. So its important to put that home out of your mind immediately if your best offer was rejected. Lingering on the home and questioning why you didn’t get it will distract you from finding a new one and just prolong the process.

Take this time to reflect on the process and  learn from your mistakes.  This will prepare yourself for the next one. Remember what were some of the features that made this last home so inviting to you. Just because you didn’t get this home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice those important qualities. Certainly not all homes are created equal but you’ll always find similarities across the board when house hunting.

So get out there and have your LivingOnGuam agent show you more  houses.  We promise you each one will have something new to offer you! Get out there and paint the town red! Or paint your new home red, for that matter. Either way, try to relax and enjoy the home buying process, as taxing as it may be. Your LivingOnGuam agent will be there to guide you through the whole process and make sure you don’t settle on a house lacking your dream requirements.

The odds are you’ll come across another home down the line that is even more perfect for you than the one that just you turned down. For every seller to reject your offer, the house of your dreams is just around the corner. Alex and I are here to help. So let’s get out there and start house hunting. Your island dream home is waiting…

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