137 South Kaiser, Chalan Henry Road

Alex & Leah Del Mundo
Published on April 26, 2021

137 South Kaiser, Chalan Henry Road



Who wants a beautiful, big, fully fenced home, located in the main street of Chalan Henry, Liguan Terrace? 🤔

The real question is who doesn’t? 😉

📌 The perfect location of this home is what many fight over.

Close to: good schools, churches, the Mall, the Flea Market, many restaurants and grocery stores.

📌 It’s just a hop and a skip away from Rte. 1.

✅ Kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms have been recently renovated making this house have the modern appeal that everyone wants.

✅ A recent tin roof extension adds 2 more bedrooms and a bathroom to this home. So if you want space, this home has it!

✅ House was recently appraised and appraiser said the home can be financed by the bank.

But wait. ✋

❓ Why are the Sellers selling below appraised value?

👉 Because they want to move ASAP to join their kids in the mainland. Help the Sellers be reunited with their family soon. Come, see and buy this home! 🤗

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• Listing by Leah Del Mundo • PB: Alexander Del Mundo • Living On Guam Realty •